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4-H Dog Project Poster

Division 6011.4

Required: Companion Animal Record Book


  • Follow Kenton County 4H Record Book Policy-New Rules in 2017

  • Poster must relate to dogs and be completed since the last State Fair.

  • Poster should encourage the participant's imagination in developing a slogan/theme that promotes a breed or project or educates the viewer about a dog project related activity.

  • No three dimensional posters accepted.

  • Posters must be no smaller than 20" X 30" and no larger than 24" X 30".

  • Must be made on:  matt board or foam core board.

  • No poster board allowed.

  • Copyrighted characters are not allowed.

  • Back of poster must include a listing of the resources of the information on the poster

538 Junior Dog Project Poster (age 9-13)

539 Senior Dog Project Poster (age 14-18)

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