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4H Cloverbud Exhibits

  • Exhibitor must be less than 9 years old as of Jan 1 of current year.

  • Record books are not required for Cloverbud classes

  • Exhibitors will receive gift bag at registration

  • Exhibitors will not receive cash prizes or premiums.  Ribbons will be awarded

1.  Tomato-any variety, plate of 3 large or 6 cherry

2.  Cucumber-plate of 3

3.  Beans-plate of 12

4.  Corn-any variety, plate of 3

5.  Vegetable Plant-grown in container

6.  Flowers-1 bloom, any variety in small bottle with water

7.  Sunflower-1 head, does not need to be mature

8.  Houseplant or Hanging Basket

9.  Forestry-5 leaves; pressed, mounted, and labeled with common name, where found, and date found

10.  Jewelry- necklace or bracelet

11.  Geology-10 rocks or fossils; mounted and labeled with name of rock

12.  Wood Science-any wood item sanded

13.  Photography-2 photos, any subject, mounted on 8 X 10 mounting or poster board

14.  Foods-plate of 5 cookies, any type

15.  Knitting/Crocheting/Needlepoint/Cross-stitch/Crewel-1 item

16.  T-shirts-decorated

17.  Weaving-1 item

18.  Leather Craft-1 item

19.  Folk Art-1 painted item

20.  Nature Craft-1 item

21.  Ceramics-1 piece, stained or glazed

22.  Drawing-pen, pencil, crayon, markers, chalk, charcoal

23.  Painting-watercolor, oil, acrylic

24.  Home Environment-any 1 item made for the home

25.  Model-1 item, age appropriate

26.  Popsicle Stick Craft-1 item

27.  Holiday Craft-1 decoration, any materials

28.  Recycled Craft-1 item

29.  Electric-1 item

30.  Papercraft-1 item

31.  Miscellaneous-1 item that does not fit into any other class (no vegetables, no flowers, no animals)

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