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Kenton County Fair Dedications

2015 - Jim Kannady 


The Kenton County Fair Association Board of Directors is pleased to dedicate the 2015 Kenton County Fair to Jim Kannady.  Everyone in Northern Kentucky knows Jim because of his outgoing personality, public presence and commitment to community service.  Jim is very deserving of this honor and we thank him for his many years of service to the Kenton County Fair.  Most of us are familiar with Jim because of his auctioneer work with the 4H/FFA Livestock Sale of Champions.  This year will be the 27th year that Jim and his staff have generously volunteered their time and talents to our market animal auction.

Jim began his career in 1971, learning from his father while helping him with auctions.  Jim followed in his dad's footsteps and conducted a very successful auctioneering business for over 40 years.  He was elected president of the Kentucky Auctioneers' Association and served from 1988 to 1989.  Jim was inducted into the Kentucky Auctioneers' Hall of Fame in 1988.


Jim helped effectively in developing a successful Kenton County Fair, serving as Fair Board Director in 1971, 1972 and 1973. Jim supplied meat products to the Fair Kitchen.  In 1989, the Kenton County Fair 4H/FFA Livestock Sale of Champions began, and Jim volunteered as auctioneer.  Jim was instrumental in creating and establishing a thriving Sale of Champions in many ways.  In addition to auctioneering, he supported the program by procuring buyers and hauling market animals to processing facilities.

Jim has two sons, Steve and Doug.  He lives on his Walton farm with his wife, Shirley.  His various barnyard animals keep him busy.  He no longer hauls cattle, but remains active in the cattle industry on the state level and has served on the board of the Northern Kentucky Cattle Association.  Jim has also been active with Kentucky Farm Bureau for many years.  He enjoys fishing and collecting and restoring old tractors and implements.  Jim keeps threatening to retire from all his activities, but he never will.  

2014 - Allen "A.J." Jones 


This year, the Kenton County Fair recognizes Allen Jones for his years of service in the planning and operation of the Kenton County Fair.  It is with great respect, admiration and affection we bestow this dedication upon President Allen Jones. A.J. joined the Fair Board  as an associate member in 1995 and became a regular member in 1996. He served as Vice-President on the Fair Board for six years. A.J.

is currently the Fair Board President, and has served in that role since 2008.


When talking with A.J., you can tell he is very proud of several major improvements to the fairgrounds over the past few years. The electrical improvements, blacktop addition and the William E. Durr building are just a few projects which A.J. initiated and carefully guided to completion.  The grounds have never looked so good,  and the Kenton County Fair is the lucky beneficiary of A.J.'s talents, insights and skills.


A.J. is involved with several other organizations that are connected with Fair programs and activities.  He has been a member of the Livestock Committee since 2008. He is treasurer  of the Kenton County FFA Alumni. A.J. supported his son Casey and the 4H High Riders for more than twelve years. Supporting his son during Casey's 4H years included showing horses, showing lambs, and competing in truck tugging and helping with the many talent shows and cookouts.  A.J. was a model 4H parent, spending hours devoted to ensuring not only an excellent 4H experience for Casey, but also helping to create a wonderful and productive 4H Club for all members and their parents to enjoy.


A.J. enjoys seeing people of all ages enjoying the Fair.  A.J. very much enjoys seeing the smiling faces of kids as they show livestock animals, display arts and crafts and participate in events such as pedal tractor pull.  Even with his intense work load at the Fair, A. J. manages to visit many of the events in progress.  He enjoys every aspect of the Fair so much that he uses five days of vacation time each year so that he can be at the fairgrounds working eighteen hour days. Many times he even spends the night at the fairgrounds. Why go home for six hours? As A.J. would tell you there are many people putting in the same amount of donated hours just to make the fair a success.  While this may be true, there is no one that is more dedicated to and enthusiastic about a volunteer position than A.J.  

In addition to A.J.'s interest in the fair, he is a part time Firefighter/EMT with the Walton Fire Department. He works full time in his own electrical business (All-Brite Electric).  A.J.'s hobbies include farming (raising Hereford cattle) which he enjoys with his wife, Rita.  Just this year, A.J. finally roped Rita into joining the Fair Board.  We are pleased to add Rita's considerable talent to our membership.


In his limited spare time, A.J. has a railroad motorcar which he transports to several different states for motorcar trips on leased railroad lines.  He also has an impressive L&N model railroad layout which he created. A.J. is very proud of his new daughter-in-law, Jaclyn, and his bulldog, Tank. Once A.J. realizes the 2014 Fair is dedicated to him, his friends and family will probably hear him saying something like, "Cheese & crackers, I'm very honored to have the 2014 Fair dedicated to me and all that and everything!"

2013 - Genita Kiser 


The Kenton County Fair is produced by a group of volunteers who work diligently behind the scenes for the renjoyment of others. This year, the Kenton County Fair Board would like to recognize Genita Kaiser, for her years of service devoted to ensuring that kids in Kenton County have the best opportunities to grow through 4H and FFA. Genits is dedicated Fair Board Member and a compelling administrator of fair events, especially the Livestock Program. The sucess of the Sale of Champions is contingent upon the efforts of many volunteers, but the driving force is Genita Kiser, who has presided over the Livestock Committee for almost 20 years. Genita became a Certified Livestock Volunteer in 2005 and then recertified in 2010. Her work starts as soon as the current fair ends with planning and scheduling educational programs, County Livestock weigh-ins for at least 20 years coorinating tagging, recording vital information, keeping it all straight and making plans for the upcoming Show and Sale. Genita helps secure donors for awards and buyers so each particiant will be rewarded for his/her hard work. Genita's year culminates during fair week with a full bettery of Livestock Shows, one of the best Livestock Sales in the state and all stalls filled at Champion Point. Every year she spends the night with the Sale animals keeping them safe and overseeing hauling instructions. Thursday morning after Sale, Genita can be found with a shovel, pitchfork and water hose cleaning out the hog pens. Genits is a person who helps out in any way that she can and contributes to many other events where help is needed. She is always ready to ensure that the rair runs smoothly throughout the week. Along with her family, Genita Kiser received the Lloyd Bridges Award in 2001. She is also active in her church and enjoys spending time with her granddaughters Cheyenne and Lindy. 

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