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Entering Exhibits in the Fair

  • In order to enter an exhibit into the Kenton County Fair you must obtain an exhibitor's number.

  • If you already have a number it is not necessary to obtain a new number, you may use your number from the previous year(s).

  • If you (or your child) has a 4H exhibitor's number you must keep the 4H prefix!

  • If you do not record your number EXACTLY as it is given to you it may result in not receiving a premium check. 

  • If you have a question regarding your number or need to obtain one you may call the Kenton County Cooperative Extension Service at 859-356-3155 Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.  




Exhibit Entry Times:

4H Exhibits - Sunday July 10, 2022 1pm-3pm in 4H Barn

FFA Exhibits (Excluding Livestock) - Sunday July 10, 2022 1pm-3pm in Livestock Barn

Open Class Exhibits - Sunday July 10, 2022 1pm-3pm William E. Durr Barn

For questions regarding the Pit Events, Pageant, Horse Show, Livestock Event, Booth Rentals or for general questions please call the Fair Grounds Office at 859-356-3738 (Fair office is ONLY open two weeks prior to the fair from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday).


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