Foods & Food Preservation

Jackie Behler (14) at Kenton County Fair


August 4, 1966


Thanks to KY Post via Kenton County Public Library Archives


  • All items must be entered on paper plates or disposable pans, enclosed in plastic bag, and clearly labeled with name of product. 

  • See number or portion of product needed in parenthesis after each class. No cream or frozen products accepted.

  • After judging, excess food will be donated to the needy.


In an effort to encourage participation in yeast related baking, RED STAR® will provide yeast and coupons for all contestants in any of the food categories.  In addition, they will provide three RED STAR® merchandise award items to be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the yeast bread categories.

PLEASE NOTE - to be eligible to win the RED STAR® yeast prizes, contestants must use RED STAR® yeast and attach an empty packet or photo to their recipe entry.



1st - $6, 2nd - $4, 3rd - $2

F-1 Coffeecake (1/2 cake)                               

F-2 Yeast Bread (1/2 loaf) or Yeast Rolls (3)    

F-3 Quick Bread (1/2 loaf-such as banana or nut) 

F-4 Biscuits (3)                       

F-5 Muffins (3)            

F-6 Scones (3)

F-7 Bread Machine Product (1 loaf)



Category: DESSERTS
1st - $6, 2nd - $4, 3rd - $2

F-8 White or Yellow Cake, Iced (1/4)   

F-9 Chocolate Cake, Iced (1/4 )

F-10 Jam Cake, Iced (1/4 )

F-11 Pound Cake (1/4 )           

F-12 Angel Food Cake (1/4 )   

F-13 Any Other Cake (1/4 )

F-14 Decorated Layer Cake or Cake Form-Amateur

F-15 Decorated Cupcakes-Amateur

F-16 Bar Cookies or Brownies (3)        

F-17 Oatmeal Cookies             

F-18 Sugar Cookies (3)

F-19 Chocolate Chip Cookies (3)

F-20 Any Other Cookies (3)     

F-21 Decorated or Fancy Cookies (3)   

F-22 Fruit Pie (1/2 pie) homemade crust

F-23 Fruit Pie (1/2 pie) commercially made crust        

F-24 Any Other Pie (1/2 pie) homemade crust

F-25 Any Other Pie (1/2 pie) commercially made crust

F-26 Fudge, any one kind (3 pieces)

F-27 Cream Candy (3 pieces)  

F-28 Candy, any other kind (3 pieces)

F-29 Diabetic Candy, any kind (3 pieces)

F-30 Any other diabetic baked good (3 pc. or 1/4 cake or bread)

F-31 Gluten free baked item (recipe must be included with entry)

F-32 Healthier Modified Recipe-any baked item with reduced fat or sugar (recipe with modifications noted must be included with entry)

F-33 Any Other Dessert


Best of Class Sponsored by Kenton County Homemakers



Category: CANNING
1st - $6, 2nd - $4, 3rd - $2
  • All entries must be made within the last year.

  •  Only entries canned using current USDA recommended procedures and containers will be accepted. USDA recommended procedures available by calling Cooperative Extension Service in Kenton County (356-3155).

  • Foods must be entered in pint or quart jars, and will be opened at the discretion of the judge. **Exception-soft spreads may be entered in 1/2 pint jars.  No freezer or refrigerator soft spreads will be accepted.


F-34 Applesauce

F-35 Peaches  

F-36 Other Canned Fruit

F-37 Tomatoes

F-38 Tomato Juice

F-39 Beets

F-40 Green Beans

F-41 Carrots   

F-42 Other Canned Vegetable

F-43 Fruit butters, any kind

F-44 Pickles, dill 

F-45 Pickles, sweet     

F-46 Pickles, bread & butter

F-47 Beet Pickles

F-48 Any Other Pickles

F-49 Sweet Relish

F-50 Ketchup, Chili Sauce or BBQ Sauce

F-51 Salsa

F-52 Fruit Jelly (Apple, Blackberry, Grape, or any other)

F-53 Fruit Jam (Strawberry, Raspberry, or any other)

F-54 Fruit Preserves (Peach, Pear, Tomato, or any other)

F-55 Any dried fruit or vegetable