Open Western Pleasure & All Breed Horse Show


Registration 6:00 p.m. – Show 7:00 p.m.

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 T-1   Quarter Horse Halter All Ages

 T-2   Stock Horse Halter- Non Quarter Horse

 T-3   Showmanship

 T-4   Peewee Showmanship 12 & under (age on Jan 1st)

 T 5    Arabian in Hand Part bred

 T-6    Arabian in Hand Purebred

 T-7    Miniature Halter, Mare or Gelding

 T-8   Lead Line (Rider 6 years and under)(English or Western)

 T-9   Walk Trot (Rider 18 years and under) (English or Western)

 T-10  Miniature Weanling/Yearling

 T-11   Hunt Seat Equitation, Adult

 T-12   Roadster Pony, Juvenile (No Stallions)

 T-13   Miniature Multi-Color (any sex)

 T-14   Miniature Mature (3 yrs. & over)

 T-15   Miniature Solid (any sex)

 T-16   Open Hunter Under Saddle

 T-17   Hunt Seat Equitation, Juvenile

 T-18   Road Pony Under Saddle

 T-19   Arabian English Pleasure- Part bred & Purebred

 T-20   Kenton Co. English Pleasure (Kenton Co. residents only)

 T-21   Hunt Seat Pleasure,  Informal Attire

 T-22   Youth Western Pleasure (Rider 18 years and under)

 T-23   Jr. Western Pleasure (Horse 5 years and under)

 T-24  Sr. Western Pleasure (Horse 6 years and older)

 T-25-  Youth Horsemanship (18 years and under Rail work only)

 T-26  Open Horsemanship (Rail work only)

 T-27  Kenton Co. Western Pleasure

 T-28  Open Western Pleasure (All Breeds)

 T-29  Mens Western Pleasure

 T-30- Ladies Western Pleasure

 T-31   Mom Pop Walk Trot (over 18 years)

 T-32  Paso Fino Performance

 T-33  ASB Show Pleasure

 T-34  Open Plantation Pleasure

 T-35  Paso Fino Pleasure

 T-36  Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving

 T-37  Amateur Country Pleasure

 T-38  Miniature Pleasure Driving

 T-39  Road Horse Under Saddle

 T-40  ASB 5-Gaited Pleasure

 T-41  Morgan English Pleasure

 T-42  Road Pony to Bike

 T-43  Open Equitiation

 T-44  Morgan Pleasure Driving

 T-45  ASB Country Pleasure

 T-46  Arabian Western Pleasure- Part bred & Purebred

 T-47  Miniature Roadster

 T-48  Morgan Western Pleasure

 T-49  Road Horse to Bike

 T-50  Paso Fino Costume- (must provide short story on your costume)

 T-51   Arabian Naïve Costume (must provide short story on your costume



***Class T8, T9 and T31 are not eligible for any other riding class

***Entry Fee $15.00.  Payback $40.00 - $30.00 - $20.00 - $15.00 - $5.00

If only one person enters a class they can show their horse but will only receive their entry fee back. 


  • All Entries must have a Current Negative Coggins Test & Health Papers. 

  • Kentucky requires Out-Of-State horses to have Health Certificates issued within 30 days of show. In-state horses must have a Health Certificate as Required by Kentucky.

  • Request for Tack Change must be made during registration.

  • Tack Changes will be allowed TWO minutes only.

  • Exhibitors Can only show in Lead line or Walk Trot but not both



Affiliations:           Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows

                                South Central Hackney Association

                              Central Kentucky Horse Show Association

                                           Equine Roadster Cup

                               American Saddlebred Horse Association




Coordinator:  Kelli Williams

Box 101

Independence, KY  41051

(859) 743-5720


Mary Ann Tauskey and horse "Marcus Aurelius"


Thanks to KY Post via Kenton County Public Library Archives