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Kenton County Fair Sale of Champions

2014 Sale of Champions

2013 Sale of Champions

CENTURY 21 GARNER PROPERTIES, Mr. Doug Garner & Mrs. Bonnie Garner purchased Grand Champion Lamb of Celeste Bergman*

A.W. SIMPSON CONSTRUCTION, Dr. Andy Simpson, and SIMPSON VETERINARY SERVICES, Dr. James Simpson purchased Grand Champion Hog of Jeremy Miller

KENTUCKY WOOD HEAT, Mr. Troy Franzen and

HONEY LOCUST FARM, The Art Darnell Family, purchased Reserve Champion Lamb of Quentin Bergman****

RYLAND SERVICE, Mr. Boz Collins, REALTY EXECUTIVES, Mrs. Nancy Collins, K & M FEED, Keith and Michelle Huelsman, and US WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, Pam and Steve Stapleton purchased Reserve Champion Hog of Bradley Huelsman*

WILSON FAMILY, Mike, Connie & Kevin Wilson, Christy Burns;  ENDRES PLUMBING, Mr. Mike Endres; POVERTY  HOLLOW FARM, Todd, Nancy, Rachel & Lisa Kloentrup; TOM & PAT LOCKHART;  PARKER CONCRETE,  Mr. Dennis Parker & Family; TRICIAS SWEET TREATS,  Mrs. Tricia Mann; NICHOLSON SERVICE CENTER,  Ron, Rachel, Shelby and Cole Collins; ALL-BRIGHT ELECTRIC, Mr. Allen Jones; DONALD & BRENDA MANN;  GEMMER & SONS CONSTRUCTION, Mr. Jack Gemmer; TIM & MARY HUBBARD; ODELL MANN; BOB, CINDY & CIARA MOBLEY; and NICK MANN purchased Grand Champion Steer of Kyle Mann

Big Thanks to:


PEGGY KENKEL, purchased Brandon Miller's Steer


DIMENSION MACHINE, Mr. Donald Barth, purchased Gabrielle Bergman's Lamb*, and Tanner Mueller's Hog


BANK OF KENTUCKY, Mr. Mark Tranbarger, purchased Bella Mueller's Hog**, Grace Bergman's Lamb**, Logan Price's Hog**, and Audrey Davis' Lamb**


DEATON'S GREENHOUSE, Daryl & Diane Deaton, purchased Dustin Schmiade's Steer


MURRAY BROS. AMUSEMENTS,  Mr. Paul Murray, purchased Justin Bergman's Lamb


COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS, Mr. John Richardson, purchased Mikayla Strain's Hog*


KONA ICE, Mr. Ed Reynolds, purchased Maggie Davis' Lamb**


HILLTOP FARMS, Mrs. Altagail Waters, purchased Dalton Anderson's Steer*


NICHOLSON SERVICE CENTER, Ron, Rachel, Shelby and Cole Collins, purchased Alissa Scheidt's Hog*


ABSOLUTE FIRE PROTECTION,  Mr. Steve Strain, purchased Jared Jenkin's Steer


CENTURY 21 GARNER PROPERTIES, Mr. Doug Garner & Mrs. Bonnie Garner, purchased Kelsey Schmiade's Lamb*


JACK JACKSON, purchased Kamryn Jackson's Hog


FLORENCE VETERINARY SERVICE,  Dr. Dan Davis, purchased Jake Bergman's Lamb**




CINCINNATI SPINE INSTITUTE,  Dr. Michael Rohmiller,  purchased David Bergman's Lamb****


MAXEY VALLEY FARM, Larry and Linda Maxey purchased Drew Anderson's Hog


INDEPENDENCE LUMBER, and IDEAL FARM SUPPLY, Mr. Bruce Gaskin purchased Grace Gillum's Lamb* 


HONEY LOCUST FARM, The Art Darnell Family, and KENTUCKY WOOD HEAT, Mr. Troy Franzen purchased Macie Gillum's Lamb****


Special Thanks to Kannady & Moore Auction Services




*Donated to Child     

**Donated to Livestock Building Fund     

***Donated to 4-H          

****Donated to FFA Alumni

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