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Mrs./Ms. Kenton County Fair 

New this year, Kenton County Fair is proud to welcome a competive event that celebrates the beauty talkent and achievemnts of women in different age categories. This pageant is aimed to empower women, promote  self confidence and provide a platform for personal and profressional growth. 






Wednesday, July 17,2024
(Must be 22 years of age on October 31st)

Registration Form 

Entry fees are $80 and are due to Kristen Bach by Tuesday July 16,2024
Interviews will begin promptly at 6:00pm
Pageant will start promptly at 7:30pm


  • Interview: A dress, pants, skirt or jumpsuite. Dress age appropriate but as if going to an interview

  • Cocktial: On stage introductions will be completed in a cocktail dress that is knee length or above

  • Evening Gown: Floor length dress, no cocktails or high low dresses

Rules for Mrs./Ms. Kenton County Fair 

1) The contestant must be a natural born female, single, married, divorced or widowed and can have children. A birth certificate is required.

2) Contestants may not compete in any other pageant system that would prohibit the fulfillment of responsibilite through the state during her reign as Mrs./Ms. Kentucky County Fair. 

3) Volunteers are not to be held responsible in any way for disqualifications of winners and/or contestants. Grounds for disquialifcation can be BUT are not limited to untrue statements or registration forms, misconduct, obscene, foul language, unruly/unbecoming behavior that is posted on social media and or the internet porn and any other reasons the pageant committee may deem as necessary. The board will make all decisions and they will be final. 

4) Clothing for the pageant will MODEST, meaning no cut outs in the attire, very MODEST cleavage showing in all attire (no low cut in tops that go to the belly button), no slits will be allowed higher than mid-thigh, no see-through attire. 

5) The local Fair Board or sponsor is not responsible financially for transportation, room and reserved seating or reponsible for making such arrangements. 

6) Anyone winning a KAFHS state title is not eligible to compete in that pageant thereafter

7) Local fairs cannot accept contestants with out of state residence

8) Open stage will be held Sunday, July 14,2024 from 1pm-3pm. The directors will not be present but you are free to practice on the stage. 

9) Follow our Facebook page for videos of the stage and routine updates, @kentoncountyfairpageants

Contact Information 

Kristen Bach

Cell: (859)-409-9669

Email: (please put "Mrs./Ms. Kenton Country" and your name in the subject line)

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