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Home Economics


Home Economics


Beginning 2023, all previous exhibitor numbers will be obsolete.  Every person who plans to enter projects in the Open Exhibit Building must obtain a new exhibitor number by calling the Kenton County Extension Office at 859-356-3155 and requesting a new number.  Numbers can also be obtained day of drop off, but obtaining the number ahead of time will streamline the entry process.  If you enter projects using your old number, you will not receive premiums.

Class Rules

  • Entries must be made by the exhibitor within the past two (2) years and must be registered under exhibitor’s (maker’s) name.

  • Each exhibitor may enter only one entry per class.

  • Entries are to be registered between 1:00 and 3:00 P.M. on Sunday, July 9th. Entry times will be strongly enforced.

  • Food entries will be judged Sunday afternoon. All other entries will be judged on Monday, July 11 th . Exhibit will be closed during judging.


  • Three places will be awarded in all classes. ENTRIES NOT CONFORMING TO INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

  • Best of Class will be awarded in each main category.

  • One $25.00 Best of Show Award will be presented. This is sponsored by the Kenton County Extension Homemakers.

  • All exhibits not claimed within 2 weeks of the close of the fair will be discarded or donated to charity. Call 356-3155 to claim items.

  • Fair board members and workers are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

  • Blue and Purple Ribbon winners are invited to display their items at the Kenton County Library-Durr Branch immediately following our fair week. Details will be available when exhibits are released.

  • All entries must remain on display in building at Kenton County Fair Grounds for entire week of fair.

Fair Categoris
Home Economics Fair Categories

Baked Goods

F-1 Coffeecake (1/2 cake) 6-4-2
F-2 Yeast Bread (1/2 loaf) or Yeast Rolls (3) 6-4-2
F-3 Sourdough Bread (1/2 loaf or 3 rolls) 6-4-2
F-4 Quick Bread (1/2 loaf) such as banana or nut 6-4-2
F-5 Biscuits (3) 6-4-2
F-6 Muffins (3) 6-4-2
F-7 Scones (3) 6-4-2
F-8 Bread Machine Product (1 loaf) 6-4-2
F-9 White or Yellow Cake, Iced (1/4) 6-4-2
F-10 Chocolate Cake, Iced (1/4) 6-4-2
F-11 Jam Cake, Iced (1/4) 6-4-2
F-12 Pound Cake (1/4) 6-4-2
F-13 Angel Food Cake (1/4) 6-4-2
F-14 Any Other Cake (1/4) 6-4-2
F-15 Decorated Layer Cake or Cake Form— Amateur 6-4-2
F-16 Decorated Cupcakes–Amateur 6-4-2
F-17 Decorated Cookies –Amateur (3) 6-4-2
F-18 Bar Cookies or Brownies (3) 6-4-2
F-19 Oatmeal Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-20 Sugar Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-21 Chocolate Chip Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-22 Any Other Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-23 Fruit Pie (1/2 pie), homemade crust 6-4-2
F-24 Fruit Pie (1/2 pie), commercially made
crust 6-4-2
F-25 Any Other Pie (1/2 pie), homemade crust 6-4-2

F-26 Any Other Pie (1/2 pie), commercially 6-4-2 made crust 

F-27 Fudge, any one kind (3 Pieces) 6-4-2

F-28 Cream Candy (3 pieces) 6-4-2


F-29 Candy, any other kind (3 Pieces) 6-4-2

F-30 Diabetic Candy, any kind (3 pieces) 6-4-2

F-31 Gluten free baked item 6-4-2(recipe must be included with entry)

F-32 Healthier Modified Recipe-any baked item with 6-4-2reduced fat or sugar (recipe withmodifications noted must be included with entry)

F-33 Any other dessert 6-4-2

F-34 Any Baked Good made with a “KY Proud” or 6-4-2KY homegrown ingredient (must list ingredient on entry) Home Canning

​F-35 Applesauce 6-4-2
F-36 Peaches 6-4-2
F-37 Other Canned Fruit 6-4-2
F-38 Tomatoes 6-4-2
F-39 Tomato Juice 6-4-2
F-40 Beets 6-4-2
F-41 Green Beans 6-4-2
F-42 Carrots 6-4-2
F-43 Other Canned Vegetable 6-4-2
F-44 Fruit butters, any kind 6-4-2
F-45 Pickles, dill 6-4-2
F-46 Pickles, sweet 6-4-2
F-47 Pickles, bread & butter 6-4-2
F-48 Beet Pickles 6-4-2
F-49 Any Other Pickles 6-4-2
F-50 Sweet Relish 6-4-2
F-51 Ketchup, Chili Sauce or BBQ Sauce 6-4-2
F-52 Salsa
F-53 Fruit Jelly (Apple, Blackberry, Grape, 6-4-2 or any other)
F-54 Fruit Jam (Strawberry, Raspberry, or any other) 6-4-2
F-55 Fruit Preserves (Peach, Pear, Tomato, or
6-4-2 any other)
F-56 Any dried fruit or vegetable 6-4-2


Q1 – Clothing Item, hand quilted 6-4-2
Q2 – Clothing item, machine quilted 6-4-2
Q3 – Machine quilted purse or bag 6-4-2
Q4 - New quilt, hand pieced, hand quilted 8-6-3
Q5 – New quilt, hand pieced, machine quilted using a regular 8-6-3 sewing machine
Q6 – New quilt, hand pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6-3 machine by quilt creator
Q7 – New quilt, hand pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6-3 machine by another individual

Q8 – New quilt, machine pieced, hand quilted 8-6-3
Q9 – New quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted using regular 8-6-3 sewing machine
Q10 – New quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6 3 machine by quilt creator

Q11 – New quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6-3 machine by another individual
Q12 – New quilt, hand or machine pieced, hand appliqued 8-6-3
Q13 – New quilt, hand or machine pieced, machine appliqued 8-6-3
Q14 – New quilt, hand embroidered 8-6-3
Q15 – New quilt, machine embroidered 8-6-3
Q16 – Comforter, hand or machine sewn, no quilting 6-4-2
Q17 – Baby quilt, hand pieced or hand appliqued 6-4-2
Q18 – Baby quilt, machine pieced or appliqued 6-4-2
Q19 – Wall hanging, hand pieced or appliqued 6-4-2
Q20 – Wall hanging, machine pieced or appliqued 6-4-2
Q21 – Crazy quilted item 8-6-3
Q22 – Quilt top only, machine pieced 6-4-2
Q23 – Quilt top only, hand pieced 6-4-2
Q24 – Cheaters cloth quilt, hand quilted 6-4-2
Q25 – Cheaters Cloth, machine quilted 6-4-2
Q26 – Antique quilt or quilt top 8-6-3
Q27 – Novelty quilt 8-6-3
Q28 –Photo quilt 8-6-3
Q29 – Pineapple pattern quilt 8-6-3
Q30 – Repurposed quilt (made of at least 50% repurposed fabric) 8 6-3
Q31 - Stained glass quilted item 8-6-3
Q32 – Pieced or appliqued table runner 6-4-2
Q33 – Paper pieced quilted item 6-4-2
Q34 – Small hand quilted item 6-4-2
Q35 – Small machine quilted item 6-4-2

Clothing Construction

CL-1 Vests 3-2-1
CL-2 Apron 6-4-2
CL-3 Street Length Dress 6-4-2
CL-4 Floor Length Dress 6-4-2
CL-5 Adult’s Blazer 8-6-3
CL-6 Skirt 6-4-2
CL-7 Blouse or Shirt 6-4-2

CL-8 Lady’s or Man’s Suit 10-8-5
CL-9 2-Piece Outfit 8-6-3
CL-10 Infant or Baby clothing item 6-4-2
CL-11 Children’s Dress Clothes 8-6-3
CL-12 Children’s Play Clothes 6-4-2
CL-13 Clothing Item/Outfit made from knit fabric 6-4-2
(cotton, polyester, T-shirt, etc.)
CL-14 Formal Wear 10-8-5
CL-15 Embellished clothing w/purchased clothes 10-8-5
(embroidered, sequined, etc.)
CL-16 Embellished clothing (using clothes made 10-8-5
by individual)
CL-17 Pajamas 6-4-2
CL-18 Costume 8-6-3
CL-19 Slacks 6-4-2
CL-20a Machine Embroidered shirt or blouse 6-4-2
CL-20b Machine Embroidered home accessory 6-4-2
(towel, tablecloth, etc)
CL-20c Machine Embroidery, other 6-4-2
CL-21 Clothing Accessory 6-4-2
CL-22 Fabric Accessory Other (purse, etc) 6-4-2
CL-23 Repurposed Clothing Item (must use 50% 6-4-2
or more Repurposed materials)
CL-24 Fleece clothing item 6-4-2


N-1 Knitted baby blanket 6-4-2
N-2 Knitted item or outfit for baby 6-4-2
N-3 Knitted socks 6-4-2
N-4 Knitted scarf 6-4-2
N-5 Knitted sweater 6-4-2
N-6 Knitted toy 6-4-2
N-7 Knitted purse 6-4-2
N-8 Knitted Christmas stocking 6-4-2
N-9 Knitted Winter Accessory (gloves, hat, mittens) 6-4-2
N-10 Knitted shawl 6-4-2
N-11 Knitted afghan 6-4-2
N-12 Knitted home accessory 6-4-2
N-13 Other knitted item 6-4-2

N-14 Crocheted socks 6-4-2
N-15 Crocheted scarf 6-4-2
N-16 Crocheted toy 6-4-2
N-17 Crocheted purse 6-4-2
N-18 Crocheted Christmas stocking 6-4-2
N-19 Crocheted winter accessory 6-4-2
N-20 Crocheted shawl 6-4-2
N-21 Crocheted sweater 6-4-2
N-22 Crocheted item or outfit for baby 6-4-2
N-23 Crocheted home accessory 6-4-2
N-24 Crocheted afghan, ripple pattern 6-4-2

N-25 Crocheted baby afghan 6-4-2
N-26 Crocheted granny square afghan 6-4-2
N-27 Crocheted afghan, any other pattern 6-4-2
N-28 Special crochet techniques (broomstick, 6-4-2
hairpin lace, Irish lace, filet)
N-29 Other crocheted item 6-4-2
N-30 Handspun yarn-1 ball 6-4-2
N-31 Hand dyed yarn-1 ball 6-4-2
N-32 Needlepoint item 6-4-2
N-33 Needlepoint on plastic canvas 6-4-2
N-34 Crewel embroidery 6-4-2
N-35 Counted Cross-Stitch embroidery 8-16 count 6-4-2
N-36 Counted Cross-Stitch embroidery 18-22 count 6-4-2
N-37 Counted cross-stitch embroidery over 22 count 6-4-2
N-38 Small counted cross-stitch item-8” or smaller 6-4-2
N-39 Cross-stitch embroidery 6-4-2
N-40 Hand embroidered item 6-4-2
N-41 Candlewick 6-4-2
N-42 Tatting 6-4-2
N-43 Swedish weaving 6-4-2
N-44 Hardanger embroidery 6-4-2
N-45 Ribbon embroidery 6-4-2
N-46 Chicken scratch embroidery 6-4-2
N-47 Hooked rug 6-4-2
N-48 Felted item 6-4-2

Handicrafts and Hobbies


H-1 Handcrafted item using potpourri 6-4-2
H-2 Miscellaneous item up to 12” 6-4-2

H-3 Small Christmas Decoration,
A. Cloth 6-4-2
B. Wood 6-4-2
C. Ornament 6-4-2
D. Other 6-4-2
H-4 Large Christmas Decoration
A. Cloth 6-4-2
B. Wood 6-4-2
C. Ornament 6-4-2
D. Other 6-4-2
H-5 Any other Holiday Decoration 6-4-2
H-6 Handmade Decorative Wood Item 6-4-2
H-7 Machine Embroidered Decorative Item 6-4-2
H-8 Handmade Doll Furniture 6-4-2
H-9 Decorated T-shirt, Sweats, or Bag 6-4-2
H-10 Doll, handmade including outfit 6-4-2
H-11 Handmade doll outfit (no doll) 6-4-2
H-12 Handmade stuffed toy animal 6-4-2
H-13 Decorative item for kitchen 6-4-2
H-14 Decorative item for living area 6-4-2
H-15 Decorative item for bath 6-4-2
H-16 Decorative item for bedroom 6-4-2


Section 2
H-17 Craft Painting (Tole, Folk, Rosemalling) 6-4-2
H-18 Handmade Basket 6-4-2
H-19 Silk flower Arrangement/Decoration 6-4-2
H-20 Handmade Jewelry 6-4-2
H-21 Ecology Craft Item (must use 50% or more 6-4-2
natural materials)
H-22 Decorative Wreath 6-4-2
H-23 Any Other Wallhanging (Must be ready for 6-4-2
H-24 Woven Chair Seat or Stool 6-4-2
H-25 Country Décor Item 6-4-2
H-26 Glass or China Painting 6-4-2
H-27 Patriotic Decorative Item (red, white, blue) 6-4-2
H-28 Embellished Pillow 6-4-2
H-29 2-Handmade Note Cards 6-4-2
H-30 Scrapbook, digital 6-4-2
H-31 Scrapbook, Traditional 6-4-2

H-32 Two Coordinated scrapbook pages, traditional 6-4-2
H-33 Glazed Ceramic Item 6-4-2
H-34 Stained Ceramic Item 6-4-2
H-35 Other Ceramic Item-Greenware 6-4-2
H-36 Hand Thrown Pottery 6-4-2
H-37 Macrame item 6-4-2
H-38 Recycled Craft item (must use 50% or more 6-4-2
recycled items)
H-39 Fleece item made for home 6-4-2
H-40 Item made from Fair Ribbons 6-4-2
H-41 Weaving Clothing Item 6-4-2
H-42 Weaving, Home Accessory 6-4-2
H-43 Repurposed Home item from clothing 6-4-2
H-44 Repurposed Home item, other 6-4-2

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