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Colorful Knitting

Open Class
Home Economics

Home Economics

Class Rules

  • Entries must be made by the exhibitor within the past two (2) years and must be registered under exhibitor’s (maker’s) name.

  • Each exhibitor may enter only one entry per class.

  • Entries are to be registered between 1:00 and 3:00 P.M. on Sunday, July 10. Entry times will be strongly enforced.

  • Food entries will be judged Sunday afternoon. All other entries will be judged on Monday, July 11 th . Exhibit will be closed during judging.


  • Three places will be awarded in all classes. ENTRIES NOT CONFORMING TO INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

  • Best of Class will be awarded in each main category.

  • One $25.00 Best of Show Award will be presented. This is sponsored by the Kenton County Extension Homemakers.

  • All exhibits not claimed within 2 weeks of the close of the fair will be discarded or donated to charity. Call 356-3155 to claim items.

  • Fair board members and workers are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

  • Blue and Purple Ribbon winners are invited to display their items at the Kenton County Library-Durr Branch immediately following our fair week. Details will be available when exhibits are released.

  • All entries must remain on display in building at Kenton County Fair Grounds for entire week of fair.

Fair Categoris
Home Economics Fair Categories

Baked Goods

F-1 Coffeecake (1/2 cake) 6-4-2
F-2 Yeast Bread (1/2 loaf) or Yeast Rolls (3) 6-4-2
F-3 Sourdough Bread (1/2 loaf or 3 rolls) 6-4-2
F-4 Quick Bread (1/2 loaf) such as banana or nut 6-4-2
F-5 Biscuits (3) 6-4-2
F-6 Muffins (3) 6-4-2
F-7 Scones (3) 6-4-2
F-8 Bread Machine Product (1 loaf) 6-4-2
F-9 White or Yellow Cake, Iced (1/4) 6-4-2
F-10 Chocolate Cake, Iced (1/4) 6-4-2
F-11 Jam Cake, Iced (1/4) 6-4-2
F-12 Pound Cake (1/4) 6-4-2
F-13 Angel Food Cake (1/4) 6-4-2
F-14 Any Other Cake (1/4) 6-4-2
F-15 Decorated Layer Cake or Cake Form— Amateur 6-4-2
F-16 Decorated Cupcakes–Amateur 6-4-2
F-17 Decorated Cookies –Amateur (3) 6-4-2
F-18 Bar Cookies or Brownies (3) 6-4-2
F-19 Oatmeal Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-20 Sugar Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-21 Chocolate Chip Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-22 Any Other Cookies (3) 6-4-2
F-23 Fruit Pie (1/2 pie), homemade crust 6-4-2
F-24 Fruit Pie (1/2 pie), commercially made
crust 6-4-2
F-25 Any Other Pie (1/2 pie), homemade crust 6-4-2

F-26 Any Other Pie (1/2 pie), commercially 6-4-2 made crust 

F-27 Fudge, any one kind (3 Pieces) 6-4-2

F-28 Cream Candy (3 pieces) 6-4-2


F-29 Candy, any other kind (3 Pieces) 6-4-2

F-30 Diabetic Candy, any kind (3 pieces) 6-4-2

F-31 Gluten free baked item 6-4-2(recipe must be included with entry)

F-32 Healthier Modified Recipe-any baked item with 6-4-2reduced fat or sugar (recipe withmodifications noted must be included with entry)

F-33 Any other dessert 6-4-2

F-34 Any Baked Good made with a “KY Proud” or 6-4-2KY homegrown ingredient (must list ingredient on entry) Home Canning

​F-35 Applesauce 6-4-2
F-36 Peaches 6-4-2
F-37 Other Canned Fruit 6-4-2
F-38 Tomatoes 6-4-2
F-39 Tomato Juice 6-4-2
F-40 Beets 6-4-2
F-41 Green Beans 6-4-2
F-42 Carrots 6-4-2
F-43 Other Canned Vegetable 6-4-2
F-44 Fruit butters, any kind 6-4-2
F-45 Pickles, dill 6-4-2
F-46 Pickles, sweet 6-4-2
F-47 Pickles, bread & butter 6-4-2
F-48 Beet Pickles 6-4-2
F-49 Any Other Pickles 6-4-2
F-50 Sweet Relish 6-4-2
F-51 Ketchup, Chili Sauce or BBQ Sauce 6-4-2
F-52 Salsa
F-53 Fruit Jelly (Apple, Blackberry, Grape, 6-4-2 or any other)
F-54 Fruit Jam (Strawberry, Raspberry, or any other) 6-4-2
F-55 Fruit Preserves (Peach, Pear, Tomato, or
6-4-2 any other)
F-56 Any dried fruit or vegetable 6-4-2


Q1 – Clothing Item, hand quilted 6-4-2
Q2 – Clothing item, machine quilted 6-4-2
Q3 – Machine quilted purse or bag 6-4-2
Q4 - New quilt, hand pieced, hand quilted 8-6-3
Q5 – New quilt, hand pieced, machine quilted using a regular 8-6-3 sewing machine
Q6 – New quilt, hand pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6-3 machine by quilt creator
Q7 – New quilt, hand pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6-3 machine by another individual

Q8 – New quilt, machine pieced, hand quilted 8-6-3
Q9 – New quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted using regular 8-6-3 sewing machine
Q10 – New quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6 3 machine by quilt creator

Q11 – New quilt, machine pieced, machine quilted using quilting 8-6-3 machine by another individual
Q12 – New quilt, hand or machine pieced, hand appliqued 8-6-3
Q13 – New quilt, hand or machine pieced, machine appliqued 8-6-3
Q14 – New quilt, hand embroidered 8-6-3
Q15 – New quilt, machine embroidered 8-6-3
Q16 – Comforter, hand or machine sewn, no quilting 6-4-2
Q17 – Baby quilt, hand pieced or hand appliqued 6-4-2
Q18 – Baby quilt, machine pieced or appliqued 6-4-2
Q19 – Wall hanging, hand pieced or appliqued 6-4-2
Q20 – Wall hanging, machine pieced or appliqued 6-4-2
Q21 – Crazy quilted item 8-6-3
Q22 – Quilt top only, machine pieced 6-4-2
Q23 – Quilt top only, hand pieced 6-4-2
Q24 – Cheaters cloth quilt, hand quilted 6-4-2
Q25 – Cheaters Cloth, machine quilted 6-4-2
Q26 – Antique quilt or quilt top 8-6-3
Q27 – Novelty quilt 8-6-3
Q28 –Photo quilt 8-6-3
Q29 – Pineapple pattern quilt 8-6-3
Q30 – Repurposed quilt (made of at least 50% repurposed fabric) 8 6-3
Q31 - Stained glass quilted item 8-6-3
Q32 – Pieced or appliqued table runner 6-4-2
Q33 – Paper pieced quilted item 6-4-2
Q34 – Small hand quilted item 6-4-2
Q35 – Small machine quilted item 6-4-2

Clothing Construction

CL-1 Vests 3-2-1
CL-2 Apron 6-4-2
CL-3 Street Length Dress 6-4-2
CL-4 Floor Length Dress 6-4-2
CL-5 Adult’s Blazer 8-6-3
CL-6 Skirt 6-4-2
CL-7 Blouse or Shirt 6-4-2

CL-8 Lady’s or Man’s Suit 10-8-5
CL-9 2-Piece Outfit 8-6-3
CL-10 Infant or Baby clothing item 6-4-2
CL-11 Children’s Dress Clothes 8-6-3
CL-12 Children’s Play Clothes 6-4-2
CL-13 Clothing Item/Outfit made from knit fabric 6-4-2
(cotton, polyester, T-shirt, etc.)
CL-14 Formal Wear 10-8-5
CL-15 Embellished clothing w/purchased clothes 10-8-5
(embroidered, sequined, etc.)
CL-16 Embellished clothing (using clothes made 10-8-5
by individual)
CL-17 Pajamas 6-4-2
CL-18 Costume 8-6-3
CL-19 Slacks 6-4-2
CL-20a Machine Embroidered shirt or blouse 6-4-2
CL-20b Machine Embroidered home accessory 6-4-2
(towel, tablecloth, etc)
CL-20c Machine Embroidery, other 6-4-2
CL-21 Clothing Accessory 6-4-2
CL-22 Fabric Accessory Other (purse, etc) 6-4-2
CL-23 Repurposed Clothing Item (must use 50% 6-4-2
or more Repurposed materials)
CL-24 Fleece clothing item 6-4-2


N-1 Knitted baby blanket 6-4-2
N-2 Knitted item or outfit for baby 6-4-2
N-3 Knitted socks 6-4-2
N-4 Knitted scarf 6-4-2
N-5 Knitted sweater 6-4-2
N-6 Knitted toy 6-4-2
N-7 Knitted purse 6-4-2
N-8 Knitted Christmas stocking 6-4-2
N-9 Knitted Winter Accessory (gloves, hat, mittens) 6-4-2
N-10 Knitted shawl 6-4-2
N-11 Knitted afghan 6-4-2
N-12 Knitted home accessory 6-4-2
N-13 Other knitted item 6-4-2

N-14 Crocheted socks 6-4-2
N-15 Crocheted scarf 6-4-2
N-16 Crocheted toy 6-4-2
N-17 Crocheted purse 6-4-2
N-18 Crocheted Christmas stocking 6-4-2
N-19 Crocheted winter accessory 6-4-2
N-20 Crocheted shawl 6-4-2
N-21 Crocheted sweater 6-4-2
N-22 Crocheted item or outfit for baby 6-4-2
N-23 Crocheted home accessory 6-4-2
N-24 Crocheted afghan, ripple pattern 6-4-2

N-25 Crocheted baby afghan 6-4-2
N-26 Crocheted granny square afghan 6-4-2
N-27 Crocheted afghan, any other pattern 6-4-2
N-28 Special crochet techniques (broomstick, 6-4-2
hairpin lace, Irish lace, filet)
N-29 Other crocheted item 6-4-2
N-30 Handspun yarn-1 ball 6-4-2
N-31 Hand dyed yarn-1 ball 6-4-2
N-32 Needlepoint item 6-4-2
N-33 Needlepoint on plastic canvas 6-4-2
N-34 Crewel embroidery 6-4-2
N-35 Counted Cross-Stitch embroidery 8-16 count 6-4-2
N-36 Counted Cross-Stitch embroidery 18-22 count 6-4-2
N-37 Counted cross-stitch embroidery over 22 count 6-4-2
N-38 Small counted cross-stitch item-8” or smaller 6-4-2
N-39 Cross-stitch embroidery 6-4-2
N-40 Hand embroidered item 6-4-2
N-41 Candlewick 6-4-2
N-42 Tatting 6-4-2
N-43 Swedish weaving 6-4-2
N-44 Hardanger embroidery 6-4-2
N-45 Ribbon embroidery 6-4-2
N-46 Chicken scratch embroidery 6-4-2
N-47 Hooked rug 6-4-2
N-48 Felted item 6-4-2

Handicrafts and Hobbies


H-1 Handcrafted item using potpourri 6-4-2
H-2 Miscellaneous item up to 12” 6-4-2

H-3 Small Christmas Decoration,
A. Cloth 6-4-2
B. Wood 6-4-2
C. Ornament 6-4-2
D. Other 6-4-2
H-4 Large Christmas Decoration
A. Cloth 6-4-2
B. Wood 6-4-2
C. Ornament 6-4-2
D. Other 6-4-2
H-5 Any other Holiday Decoration 6-4-2
H-6 Handmade Decorative Wood Item 6-4-2
H-7 Machine Embroidered Decorative Item 6-4-2
H-8 Handmade Doll Furniture 6-4-2
H-9 Decorated T-shirt, Sweats, or Bag 6-4-2
H-10 Doll, handmade including outfit 6-4-2
H-11 Handmade doll outfit (no doll) 6-4-2
H-12 Handmade stuffed toy animal 6-4-2
H-13 Decorative item for kitchen 6-4-2
H-14 Decorative item for living area 6-4-2
H-15 Decorative item for bath 6-4-2
H-16 Decorative item for bedroom 6-4-2


Section 2
H-17 Craft Painting (Tole, Folk, Rosemalling) 6-4-2
H-18 Handmade Basket 6-4-2
H-19 Silk flower Arrangement/Decoration 6-4-2
H-20 Handmade Jewelry 6-4-2
H-21 Ecology Craft Item (must use 50% or more 6-4-2
natural materials)
H-22 Decorative Wreath 6-4-2
H-23 Any Other Wallhanging (Must be ready for 6-4-2
H-24 Woven Chair Seat or Stool 6-4-2
H-25 Country Décor Item 6-4-2
H-26 Glass or China Painting 6-4-2
H-27 Patriotic Decorative Item (red, white, blue) 6-4-2
H-28 Embellished Pillow 6-4-2
H-29 2-Handmade Note Cards 6-4-2
H-30 Scrapbook, digital 6-4-2
H-31 Scrapbook, Traditional 6-4-2

H-32 Two Coordinated scrapbook pages, traditional 6-4-2
H-33 Glazed Ceramic Item 6-4-2
H-34 Stained Ceramic Item 6-4-2
H-35 Other Ceramic Item-Greenware 6-4-2
H-36 Hand Thrown Pottery 6-4-2
H-37 Macrame item 6-4-2
H-38 Recycled Craft item (must use 50% or more 6-4-2
recycled items)
H-39 Fleece item made for home 6-4-2
H-40 Item made from Fair Ribbons 6-4-2
H-41 Weaving Clothing Item 6-4-2
H-42 Weaving, Home Accessory 6-4-2
H-43 Repurposed Home item from clothing 6-4-2
H-44 Repurposed Home item, other 6-4-2

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