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Open Contest
Horse Show
Sponsored By: The Northern Kentucky Horse Network

JULY 19, 2024 (FRIDAY)

Registration 4:00 p.m. Show 7:00 p.m. ​


  • F-1 Pee Wee Barrels (Rider 8yrs and Under)

  • F-2 Pee Wee Poles (Rider 8yrs and Under)

  • F-3 Youth Poles (Rider 18yrs and Under)

  • F-4 Open 3-D Poles

  • F-5 Sidepot JR. Poles (Horse 5yrs and Under)

  • F-6 NBHA Open 3-D Barrels

  • F-7 NBHA Youth 3-D Barrels (Rider 18yrs and Under

  • F-8 Sidepot Senior Barrels (Rider 50yrs and Older)

  • F-9 Sidepot JR. Barrel (Horse 5yrs and Under)

  • Ribbons & Awars for PeeWee, PeeWee riders cannot ride in any other classes

  • 70% Payback all other classes

  • Class F-3 and F-7 and Sidepots $25 added

  • Class F-4 and F-6 $200 added

  • Most run open class to enter sidepot (Jr Horse 5 years & Under) 

  • Classes with less than 15 entries will have no added money

  • All JR horse classes require proof of age at registration

  • $5 Warm up runs for Poles and Barrels will be offered. Hard 60sec stop.

  • All Entries must have a Current Negative Coggins Test & Health Papers. 

  • Kentucky requires Out-Of-State horses to have Health Certificates issued within 30 days of show. In-state horses must have a Health Certificate as Required by Kentucky.

  • Request for Tack Change must be made during registration.

  • Tack Changes will be allowed TWO minutes only.

All NBHA sanctioned classes include a $3 fee


NBHA Coordinator: Sarah Mann 



Monica Eggers 


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