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Miss Pre-Teen Kenton
County Pageant

Miss Pre-Teen Kenton County Pageant

Rules for Pre-Teen:

  1. Contestant in Miss Pre-Teen must be a Kentucky resident.

  2. .Contestant in Miss Pre-Teen may not have won another 2023 County Fair.

  3. Contestant must have reached her 8th birthday by October 31st and cannot have reached her 13th birthday by or on October 31st.

  4. $40.00 registration fee 

  5. There will be a closed interview and evening gown competition only.

  6. Parents will not be allowed on stage with child.

  7. Contestants will need to be dressed and ready for interviews at 6:00pm to start on time.

  8.  Contestants must come dressed in an appropriate outfit for interview.

  9.  Miss Pre-Teen will compete in state competition in October.

Contact Information: 

Kristen Bach

Phone: (859) 409-9669


*please put “Miss PRE-Teen Kenton county” and daughters name in Subject Line). If you choose to email Kristen your entry form, you will pay cash or check on the day of the pageant. If you fail to have entry fee, you will not be able to compete.

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