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Kenton County
Fine Art Exhibit


Fine Art Exhibit

Beginning 2023, all previous exhibitor numbers will be obsolete.  Every person who plans to enter projects in the Open Exhibit Building must obtain a new exhibitor number by calling the Kenton County Extension Office at 859-356-3155 and requesting a new number.  Numbers can also be obtained day of drop off, but obtaining the number ahead of time will streamline the entry process.  If you enter projects using your old number, you will not receive premiums.


  • FA - 1 Paintings: Oil, Acrylic 

  • FA - 2 Paintings: Watercolor

  • FA - 3 Drawings: Pastels, Colored Pencil, Etc.

  • FA - 4 Drawings: Black & White, Pencil, Etc.

  • FA - 5 Computer Generated Art

  • FA - 6 Mixed Media: Collage and any Combination of Media

  • FA - 7 Three Dimensional Original Art: No Greenware or Kits

  • FA - 8 3-D Painting using shaped rock found from nature; painting subject and presentation should relate to rock. Cannot exceed 12 inches in length or height. Any media accepted

  • FA - 9 Crayon or Marker Drawing (Only Children ages 4-5 eligible)

  • FA - 10 Drawing/Painting/Craft (Only Special Needs Artists eligible)

  • FA - BOS Best of Show: Taken From Each Class

  • FA - SN-BOSFA – O-BOS Overall Best of Show




Children ages 4-5 (This age group only eligible for category FA-9 and class is ribbon only)


C1 grades 1 thru 3

C2 grades 4 thru 6


Age 19-64


Age 65+

Special Needs Artist (Any age special needs artist only eligible for classes FA-10 and FA-SN -BOS)


  1. Limit of 2 entries per category per person

  2. Ribbons to first, second and third place in each category $6.00, $4.00, $2.00. Category FA-9 is ribbon only and is only open to children 4-5 years of age.

  3. Best of Show chosen from each class group: $10.00 Note: a purple ribbon is not a money prize in this category

  4. Overall Best of Show chosen from all Art Exhibits: $25.00

  5. No entries will be pre-judged.

  6. Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 9, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 P.M. Pickup is Sunday July 16, 2023, 12:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

  7. All art work must be original and done by the artist only (No marks by any other person on work). Work must be completed between 8/2022 - 7/2023.

  8. Decisions of judges will be final.


  10. Open to all residents of Kentucky.

  11. Kenton County Fair is not responsible for loss or damage.

  12. The Fair will not act as a selling agent. No article can be exhibited with "For Sale" tag attached.

  13. As a courtesy to all registering, only one person works will be registered at a time.

  14. No art work will be accepted unless it is equipped with a frame or a mat that surrounds the subject. Art must be affixed with screw eyes and wire for hanging or set up suitable for hanging.

  15. To best accommodate hanging of art work, it is recommended that work be firmly attached to hard mat board only.

Fine Art Committee:

Laurie Groseclose


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